I Use Frequency Healing for Aches, Stress & Even Anxiety

We all have morning rituals. Part of mine is sitting on the porch swing with a big cup of coffee in hand. I sip it while watching the birds and squirrels eat from the feeder. I look ahead to a lush forest with huge peonies nearly drooping to the ground. The picture of nature in the morning leaves me with a temporary sense of balance in my life.

Thirty minutes later, the balance is off. As I leave the serene setting of nature for morning duties, I feel stress creeping into my life again. My pulse quickens, egging my mind to do the same. It’s these moments where my mind wanders. Is it possible to capture the soothing moments I just experienced a few minutes ago in a bottle to take with me for situations like this? What makes these moments so special? I knew that there had to be more to the dance between man and nature than meets the eye. This fascination with nature’s effect on the human body eventually led to the study of frequency healing. Here’s what I learned about this transformative practice.

Frequency healing is a type of sound wave therapy where different sound frequencies trigger changes to jumpstart the healing process. It’s also known as vibrational healing or bioresonance therapy, and the technique dates back thousands of years ago. Famed philosopher Aristotle mentioned frequency healing in his book De Anima, where he links flute music to strong emotions and purifying the soul. Egyptians historically used musical chants to heal the sick. The practice even goes back to Pythagoras, who allegedly discovered musical intervals and may have been the first to prescribe music as medicine as a way of restoring harmony within the self.

Healing with music was a mainstay not only in Gregorian chants and medieval hymns but also arose in other areas, as evidenced in Indian Sanskrit chants. The alternative healing technique is a practice still commonly seen in modern-day society. Musical geniuses like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, and Prince believed in the homeostasis properties frequency manipulation afforded, and this was reflected in some of their greatest hits.

The integration of the Solfeggio scale comprises the following nine frequencies. Each sound interval is thought to nourish the body with a variety of health benefits.

174 Hz – Initiates pain and stress relief while improving concentration
285 Hz – Mends tissue and organ damage
396 Hz – Relieves guilt and fear
432 Hz – Elevates feelings of inner peace and well-being
528 Hz – Awakens the imagination, creativity, intuition, and love
639 Hz – Assists in the repair of distressed or broken relationships
741 Hz – Instills clarity and soothes chronic pain
852 Hz – Restores spiritual balance and reconnects you to the Earth’s heartbeat
963 Hz – Creates unity and oneness with the spiritual side of our universe

Some research labs are studying how these sound waves restore the body. A 2017 study published in the Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy found the frequency of 528 Hz reduced cell death in damaged cells. Other works have claimed sound healing at 528 Hz helps with protecting DNA from environmental toxins. One animal study suggested a benefit of 528 Hz in decreasing anxiety levels by increasing testosterone levels. At a lower frequency, a small research study found people listening to 432 Hz had slightly lower blood pressure and lower heart rates than those listening to higher frequencies.

Of course, I think sound healing goes above and beyond these benefits. While there is less research corroborating these findings, frequency healing is thought to help with DNA repair, invoke spiritual expansion, and nourish the mind. Others have reported other-worldly awakenings and feeling closer to God after hearing these sounds.

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For me, sound healing gives the sensation of sitting on my porch swing without actually being there. As nature vibrates at a frequency of 432 Hz, listening to music that integrates this specific frequency helps me bottle up the experience and take it with me anywhere.

Frequency healing quickly became a part of my health and wellness routine. Listening to different frequencies helps me pause and tune in with my body’s needs. For instance, if my late morning run leaves me with an ache on the right side of my knee, I will spend that afternoon indulging in melodies with a 285 Hz frequency. If I haven’t been able to attend church for several Sundays and am feeling a bit disconnected from God, I submerge myself in the vibratory frequencies of 852 Hz and 963 Hz. These sounds give a spiritual transformation that grounds me. To that same end, if I anticipate an upcoming tense conversation, I may play some music with a frequency of 396 Hz to ease the fear and anxiety. Frequency healing is easily accessible, with sounds available on YouTube, Spotify and Amazon Music.

I can honestly say that frequency healing on a daily basis has become as valuable to my overall health as exercise, wholesome food, massage, meditation, and those mornings on the porch swing when I convene with birds and squirrels over a cup of joe. So valuable, in fact, that I decided to integrate it into a new television series concept that I created for preschoolers. Surely I was indulging in vibrations resonating at 528 Hz when I came up with this original thought. My goal is to help them heal after a couple of recent hard years. Why not give them a helpful solution wrapped in their second and third languages, music and animation? Then maybe throw in a few animals to boot. There goes my love for nature again. Luckily for me, they love it too.

Laura J. Wellington is an award-winning children’s television creator, blogger, author, TED Speaker, and the founder of ZNEEX friendship and walking app.

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