Doctor warns women against putting vinegar inside their vaginas to tighten them up

She said: “There is no evidence to suggest vinegar can help with vaginal tightening but it may alter the bacterial pH within your vagina.

“This may cause a change in vaginal discharge skin irritation or in some cases encourage infection.”

Thankfully, Dr Shree was on hand to recommend some safe vaginal tightening methods.

She suggests pelvic floor exercises as a way to strengthen intimate muscles.

It’s also advisable to visit your doctor if you have any serious concerns about the function of your vagina.

Dr Shree added: “The simplest way to develop your pelvic floor muscles is really to do regular pelvic floor exercises.

“Visit your physiotherapist to make sure you’re doing them effectively.

“In some cases where you have problems such as urinary or faecal incontinence you’ll be referred to your gynaecologist where we will assess your vagina and consider whether you need surgical or non surgical treatments.

“This will depend on factors such as whether you’ve completed your family, your weight, symptoms etc.”

Previously, doctors advised against vaginal steaming procedures.

While in the heatwave, women were warned not to put ice lollies inside their vaginas.

If that wasn’t enough health warnings for you to digest, here’s why you shouldn’t put garlic on your intimate areas.

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