Do You Live in One of the Most or Least Active States?

Just when we’re starting to enjoy our summer, the Centers for Disease Control is here with a little reality check: Only 23 percent of Americans get enough exercise. A report from the CDC looked at the federal physical activity guidelines for adults in the U.S. — at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week coupled with muscle-strengthening activities at least twice a week — and found that on the whole, we fall short. 

More specifically, not only do just 23 of us get the full recommended amount of exercise, 32 percent meet one of the fitness guidelines, while 45 percent of us don’t meet either according to the report.

But while we apparently don’t like exercise, we do like seeing how our state measures up against the 49 others, so the CDC put together a ranking of the states that exercise the most and the least.

Image: Courtesy Of The Centers For Disease Control.

Keeping in mind that 23 percent is the national average of people who meet the government-recommended fitness goals, here are how the states stack up:

The most active states

Props to these states, whose residents get off the couch more than the rest:

The least active states

These states were below the national average when it comes to exercise:

The bottom line is, even in our most active state, only 32.5 percent of adults actually meet the minimum recommended amounts of exercise each week, so we could probably all do a little better.

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