Workout with Superstar Jason Derulo: Intense abdominal HIIT by Pamela Mature

Anyone who knows Pamela is Ripe, the know: When Training the young woman doesn’t do anything half – tough and sweaty Workouts are hot.

So in their latest Workout Video, a combination of intense abdominal and HIIT Exercises that requires no heavy Weights, but, nevertheless, the highest performance demands.

Pamela brings a Mature Superstar Jason Derulo to sweat

The must also know Superstar Jason Derulo on your own body – the Influencerin has secured for the Video namely, the support of the US-American singer.

To motivate the two to complete the Exercises to the music of Derulo – the Workout requires the musician, nevertheless, everything.

The HIIT Workout is a great, to imitate it at home, you only need a gymnastics Mat.

The Workout itself takes only eight minutes, with each Exercise for 30 seconds is carried out. Breaks there are in between, no. So with a full Power pull.

Pamela shows in your Video, as you stählst your body in only 8 minutes Ford in the first place and your abdominal muscles:

1. Warm-Up

Pamela Mature your Workout begins with two Exercises that prepare the body perfectly on the following workout and the heart rate drifting upwards:

  • Side Shuffle
  • High Knees

To place you for the Side Shuffles hips. Make a jump to the side, landing soft in the knees and touch with the Hand short of the floor.

Attempts to attract in the execution of High Knees for your legs as far as possible. And don’t forget, your arms swing fully from moving.

2. Exercises for the belly

After the short warm-up period of four Exercises that target all the muscle strands in the belly now:

  • Jack Knife
  • Side Jack Knife (both sides)
  • From Hold
  • Scissor Kick

All of these Exercises are performed lying on the back. As your legs and your upper body are permanently lifted from the ground, your abdominal muscles under constant tension.

The different movements of the Exercises ensure that both your front and side abdominal muscles to be properly challenged.

3. HIIT Exercises

In the middle of the Workouts Pamela has a built-in two demanding HIIT-Exercises to re-train the endurance. By alternating the heart rate remains permanently at a high Level.

  • Burpees
  • High Knees

Burpees are a very challenging Exercise, because you can combine various sequences of movement. Start in the upright pushup position and perform first of all a push-UPS.

Then jump with your feet forward so you’re squatting. Then do a full stretch leap to the top.

The country and then return to the upright supporting position back Deck. Then the sequence begins again.

4. Plank Variations

The Plank is considered to be one of the most effective Exercises to train the abdominal muscles. By the way are also strengthened other parts of the body. It is no wonder that the Influencerin has housed three variations in your Workout.

  • Plank with Reach Out

Start in the upright pushup position. Time lifting is now equal to the outstretched right Arm and the left leg to the top. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other side.

  • Twisting Mountain Climber

For the next Exercise, you can stay in the pushup position. Perform the Mountain Climber, by donning your legs alternately quickly to the elbow of the other side.

  • Elbow Plank

In this Plank, it depends on the correct design: The elbows are placed under the shoulders, body forms a Straight line, this also applies to the head.

So no hollow back or a round back to form.

5. HIIT Exercises

It is the same two Exercises have driven, with the help of Pamela and Jason Derulo at the beginning of the workout, the pulse is already properly in the amount.

However, only half of the Burpees in the series are now. This means that you don’t have to perform push-UPS. Strenuous Exercises are yet.

6. Abdominal Exercises at the conclusion

At the conclusion of the Workouts are three Exercises in which you bring the dream of a crunchy six pack a little bit closer to follow once again.

Since your abdominal muscles are under permanent tension, it is called: bite your teeth and do it.

  • Jack Knife
  • Flutter Kicks
  • From Hold

Important: Even if you to the previous Exercises already well out of breath will be, it is important to ensure a uniform and regular breathing.

Cornelia Bertram

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