Slower metabolism: Three ways you the hassle of having get rid of belly fat finally

You eat right, go in for Sport and pay attention to enough sleep and water and it still happens nothing. This can be quite devastating and can be the Motivation with security to decline rapidly.

If your belly fat, in spite of all its efforts, not that you can separate, then your body provides you with probably a little additional Challenge of a slow metabolism. A Doctor now reveals three important tips that help to make it work anyway.

So you can recognize a slow metabolism

If you suspect that your metabolism may be too slow, you can take for a first insight on a couple of things into consideration.

A slow metabolism is often due to fatigue. If your metabolism is burning energy slower, makes you tired.

Also hair loss, frequent headaches, and sudden weight gain can be a constant diet of the warning signs that your metabolism is in order. If these symptoms apply to you, you should have this by a doctor to clarify.

With these tips, you will achieve your goals

If you actually have a slow metabolism, then losing weight makes it somewhat harder, but not impossible.

Elizabeth Lowden is a Physician, and a clinical endocrinologist amNorthwestern Medicine, Metabolic Health, and Surgical Weight Loss Center at Delnor Hospital in America and has the Online magazine 'Popsugar' some of the Tricks reveal how to get rid of your belly fat at last.

1. You focus on your muscle building

The muscles in your body are a highly metabolic active tissue, because they consume energy every day – even during periods of rest. This property can come to you in losing weight with a slow metabolism very Good.

Dr. Lowden recommends starting with strength training, if half of the trail is managed to weight. At this time, your metabolism pushed through the muscle again and accelerated.

2. Pay attention to your calorie deficit

In contrast to the muscle mass, fat tissue burns sorry, there are no calories. In a calorie deficit, it may happen that your body begins to burn muscle mass, but the fat will not lay a hand on.

A calorie deficit tells your body to an emergency situation, he gets little energy is supplied. Evolution due to trying to your body now, for hard times Deposit fat.

That is why it is important that you try to burn more calories than you take in, but your body still have enough energy to be able to work – Starving slows down namely, the metabolism!

Dr. Lowden recommends that, at the beginning of about 250 calories a day to save.

3. You eat healthy fats and enough proteins

Fats in the fight against the Kilos are allowed – if they’re the right fats. In some foods, such as nuts or Avocados many unsaturated fatty acids hide.

These are digested by the body much slower, which is significantly more energy is necessary. This stimulates the metabolism.But be careful: Just nuts can quickly real Calories – everything in moderation is permitted.

To make sure that the increased protein intake, will help you especially when you build muscle, and this speeds up your metabolism.

Patience is the key

So if you have the feeling you do everything right and it still happens nothing, it could be due to your metabolism. This is not, of course, not a nice message, but it means that you can’t still reach your desired weight. It only takes may be a bit longer.

Consider the knowledge simply as a new Challenge – all the more proud you can be at the end when you finally achieve results.

Patience, have you not give up too quickly and remain stable, then you will be rid of soon, your belly fat, and a metabolism that is better than ever.

Antonia Hagedorn

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