Slimming, thanks to Low-Carb: With these 3 tips, you saves simple carbohydrates

Many nutrition concepts, such as, for example, the Keto diet, and Carb Cycling is based on the idea that a reduced intake of carbohydrates with a weight loss goes hand in hand.

Anyone who wants to save on Carbs and for that, but not directly its complete nutrition wants to switch, can get with these three tips Inspiration.

1. Noodles and co. leave overnight

Meal Prepping is not just for fitness enthusiasts – a big issue. The preparation of the meal on the previous day may be worthwhile, not only in terms of a savings in time and money. A study from Sri Lanka, which was presented in 2015 in the framework of a Congress of the American Chemistry Society suggests at least.

The researchers of the former students Sundhair James have found out that the number of Calories of rice will reduce by allowing it to Cool. The secret ingredient in cooking is intended to be a teaspoon of coconut oil.

If you let the rice after cooking for twelve hours in the fridge and the next day re-heated, the calories reduce to half, according to the scientists. The same is true also for pasta or potatoes.

Behind the phenomenon of chemical processes stuck: By the rice cools, it is converted to a part of the starch into resistant starch. This acts as ballast fuel, and is by our digestive enzymes are not biodegradable.

2. Hearty Alternatives

Added: to dispense with the favorite pasta, is not easy. But there are now really tasty Alternatives.

Konjac noodles contain only 10 calories per 100 grams – or about 140 less than classic, cooked pasta from hard wheat.

Picture gallery: Quick Low-Carb-recipes under 35 minutes

With Zoodles, so noodles out of vegetables like Zucchini or carrots, can be a lot of calories saved. Another plus point is that they contain an extra dose of vitamins.

For potatoes, there are also some great alternative products that are less on the hips. From celery, for example, a delicious Puree can be prepared.

And for French fries lover, a cut into strips and baked Butternut squash could be the Right thing to do.

3. Baking with legumes

Pastries and cakes usually contain a lot of carbohydrates and calories. In order to create a less powerful Alternative, can be used when baking legumes are used.

This may sound strange, but it tastes surprisingly good.

Kidney beans, for example, are a suitable substitute for flour, as they naturally contain starch. Together with cocoa powder, Butter and melted chocolate kidney beans are the perfect base for juicy Brownies.

Also a light, airy sponge cake is healthier with chickpeas water (Aquafaba) and it is still very loose. From boiled chickpeas, a protein-containing “No-Bake Cookie Dough” conjure up: the sleeve can be mashed fruits with a bit of yogurt, Butter and spices.

So reach for legumes, but not only for fewer calories on the plate: cakes and co. are thus also protein – and fiber-rich.


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