Salman Khan-Yasmin Karachiwala’s full body workout in latest video leaves fans smitten | Watch

Dedication towards gyming and bodybuilding led Bollywood superstar Salman Khan to launch fitness equipment called Being Strong which encompasses a worldwide range of fitness products. Recently, celebrity fitness instructor Yasmin Karachiwala tried her hands on the ‘king of all machines’ and treated fans to her workout video with Salman, which was enough to leave health enthusiasts smitten.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Yasmin gave netizens a glimpse of her and Salman’s intensive exercise sessions, flaunting their full body workout on the machine by the poolside. It included performing squats, incline bench press, cable pec fly, overhead triceps extension, rear delt fly, straight arm pulldown, seated and standing cable row, hanging knee raise, leg extension, prone leg curl, biceps cable curls, tricep pushdowns, cable front raise, push-ups and deadlifts.

Yasmin asserted how the machine was “so versatile that it can be used to focus on any part of the body” as it had a number of variations. Salman and Yasmin tested it to its ultimate potential and the latter concluded that it was good enough to be used at home too.

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Recently @beingsalmankhan and I worked out on the new @beingstrongglobal. This machine is so versatile that it can be used to focus on any part of the body. The king of all machines has a number of variations as you can see Salman and myself testing it to its ultimate potential! This beauty is built not just for gyms, but also for your home – so you've got no excuse to not #BeingStrong 💪🏻 #gymequipment #salmankhan #yasminkarachiwala #beingstrongglobal #beingstrong #fitness #workout #homeworkout

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Haider Khan, who had shot Salman’s video for Being Strong, claimed in a tweet earlier, “This video we shot in 45 mins no stop , Salman BHAI worked out every part of his body , we got tired holding cameras but he was unstoppable with dedication & passion @BeingSalmanKhan Salman Khan (sic).”

A week back, Salman too had shared the full video on his YouTube handle which had garnered over 1.2 million views. He had shared, “Fitness is something that should be taken very seriously by everyone as it ensures our wellness. A healthy body translates to a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle.”

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