Get ready for a morning of yoga flow and fun at the Strong Women Yogathon

Fancy a challenge and an opportunity to meet like-minded Strong Women? Join us for the inaugural Strong Women Yogathon in partnership with adidas for a morning of deep stretching, meditation and fun. 

Travelling to Bali for a luxury yoga retreat may still seem a little way off right now, but if you’re craving some deep stretching, meditation and connection, then the answer might be closer at hand than you think. What if we told you that for one day only, you could try your hand at six different types of yoga, led by a team of incredible instructors, alongside a group of brilliant strong women (including the Stylist team)? Oh, and you’d leave with an adidas yoga mat and tote?

Join us on Sunday 13 February for the first Strong Women Yogathon in partnership with adidas for a morning of yoga flow and fun. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

Date: Sunday 13 February

Time: 9am-1pm

Location: EartH, Hackney, London

Tickets: £39 (includes all six classes, refreshments, an adidas premium yoga mat worth £38 to take home and more)

What’s a yogathon?

Lockdown helped loads of women discover the joys of yoga for the first time, with many wanting to carry on flowing and meditating from home post-pandemic. This is your chance to give various styles of yoga a go and to see what suits you. Perhaps you’ve never tried yin before, or you’re looking for a more active vinyasa practice but haven’t been to a studio yet. To help you discover the many styles and benefits of it, we’re hosting a six-class celebration of stretching, strengthening and flowing.

It’ll be taking place in Hackney, east London, and we’ve got a host of brilliant teachers lined up to guide you through each session including Soul Sisters and Aisha Nash.

Strong Women Yogathon: Flow and flex your way to a happier self with Soul Sisters

Classes include:

Yin with Lauren Tai

This slow and stretchy practice involves passive, longer-held poses that target the deepest tissue of the body. It offers wonderful emotional and mental health benefits.

Hatha with Aisha Nash

All yoga stems from hatha so there’s no better place to start if you’re new to yoga. The practice involves the breath, body and mind and is known as the yoga of balance.

Jivamukti with Keri Perkins

Possibly the most vigorous yoga of the day, it takes basic moves from traditional hatha yoga and is rooted in the idea that, in order to find true happiness, we must dissolve all feelings of separation and become one.

Vinyasa with Adrienne Everett

Familiar to many yoga fans, vinyasa helps build overall strength and flexibility. All the poses are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence. 

Mind Boosting Flow with Soul Sisters

Flow and flex your way to a happier self. An uplifting, feel-good workout designed to relieve you of anxiety and stress, making you feel calmer and happier. Expect yoga poses, meditation, boxing and some soul sister magic.

Mandala with Kat Basquill

A fun and creative flow class choreographed to utilise the whole mat as the poses move you around 360 degrees.  


On Sunday 13 February, we’ll be kicking off with our first class at 9.30am, so please arrive at 9am to prepare and find your mat. Each session will last for around 30 minutes, with a short interval in between for refreshments. There’ll also be a few live discussions with yoga teachers during these breaks, so don’t worry, you won’t be in downward dog all morning!


Tickets are £39 and that includes access to all six yoga classes, refreshments and a premium yoga mat from adidas worth £38.

Want in? Book your place now to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited.

Please be aware of the event terms and conditions.

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