Do you spend too much money on fitness and exercise?

Exercise is big business these days: consumer spending on UK gym membership soared by 44% in 2015.

It’s not just gym membership that’s had a boost, sales of sportswear grew by by 9.5% in 2014. There’s also been a surge in the health food industry and apps promising to keep you in shape. All this means staying in shape can be an expensive.

Not everyone has the money to spend on exercise classes or fitness trends, however. Richard Askwith recently wrote a book about how he prefers running free and reconnecting with nature. He argued that we should strip the sport of its commercial trappings.

How much do you spend on exercise and why? Do you go to expensive classes? Or do you prefer running outside for free? Have you found a cheap way to get fit? Did you get hooked on buying fitness gear? How much do you spend on average a month on fitness and exercise?

Tell us using the form below and we will use a selection of responses in our reporting.

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