Coronavirus: Federal Institute considers a pandemic to be possible

The novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 could resort to assessment of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) internationally to a larger extent to.

The global development suggests that it can lead to a global spread of the Virus in the sense of a pandemic, according to a report by the Berlin Institute on Wednesday published on the Internet.

Of countries with limited resources in the health system are particularly affected. “But also in countries such as Germany, this could lead to a high burden of medical care,” it said.

The experts also write that an encounter with an Infected people in Germany is currently very unlikely. The assessment could change at any time. The Situation was developing very dynamically, and must be taken seriously.

Quarantine as an early measure

Currently, they recommend a strategy of containment, explained to the RKI. Will tries to Infected, if possible, to detect early. The contact persons should spend the precaution of 14 days in quarantine.

Even if not all of the Patients and their contacts would be found in time, led to these steps, a slower spread of the pathogen in the population, it said.

“A disease wave in Germany is to be delayed, and their dynamics weakened.” The aim was to gain time for preparations and more about the Virus to know.

If possible, should be avoided, therefore, that a Covid-19 – and at the same time also in Germany, the current wave of Flu coincide.

This could lead to “maximum load” of medical care, it is feared.

The RKI also refers to many still open questions. So the impact of a possible spread in the population were in this country a number of different factors, which are not currently assessed yet.

Katharina Klein

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