Corona-crisis: Therefore, it is absolutely okay, not to be productive

Who has dared to in the past few weeks, have a look in the social media, often get in front of all, a picture conveys:

Anywhere motivated and productive people, the use of the time gained is useful and creative, your heart to tackle projects cavort.

To renovate the house, the garden re-design, self-mental develop – the opportunities every day to be productive, appear to be boundless.

The impact of the pandemic on each of the different

Of course, the time gained might motivate a lot of people. But it’s also just as okay, if the newly received thing is just another season on Netflix.

Whether financial, professional, and family distress: the impact of The Corona-pandemic affect and burden – each in a different way. And not everyone has the time, the privilege to be able to so easily start a new project, without the current problems.

“I don’t want to encourage people to be productive. I think for the moment that’s really problematic,” says the New York therapist and psychological consultant Jor-El Caraballo, compared with ‘POPSUGAR’.

Instead, he recommends you to have a pleasant employment, to devote the mental energy – such as Knitting, Painting or Sudoku, because this is the brain of the possible Concerns is distracted.

Life is more difficult

“I want people to recognize that there are actually potentially harmful to our mental health is to say that this is now the time to be productive,” warns the expert.

Because of this, setting unrealistic expectations would be created, to which many people fail.

“We are not in a normal Situation. Why should we now demand more from the people, though the circumstances for most of us, has become more difficult?”

Life has become more complicated, people have less money and less access to social support.

Anyone who now tries to master a large project, runs the risk that this work will not be able to cope. The resulting Failure is not just in the current Situation is good for the Psyche.

Home office-a Situation is often not ideal

In relation to the work, according to Caraballo in order, if the performance has decreased. The idea of working from home may sound tempting, but the reality looks often different.

“A lot of people actually work more and, depending on the circumstances of the work in a home office is difficult,” explains the therapist.

To make matters worse, many people are still nervous and afraid of an infection with the Coronavirus have.

Better: self-love instead of pressure

“Who has the feeling that it is good for him to work a lot of to do it quietly,” says Caraballo. “If not, then now is not the time, picking on yourself.”

Because of the continuous reporting about the current situation the nervous system is overloaded already, including not only the Motivation but also the General mood suffers significantly.

Themselves to cheer up the expert recommends simple distraction methods, to fill the empty time. Also, it can help to sort your thoughts while Journaling, or with his loved one about the feeling of the world.

And he adds: “Everything you are feeling right now is okay. Self-love is in the current Situation it is more important than ever.”

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Cornelia Bertram

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