Complete workout: exercises for chest and breastplates at home

In this article, we will see a series of complete workouts with total body exercises and toning sessions aimed at the upper part such as chest and arms.

The video workouts that we will see are not workouts to enlarge the chest, we will see a whole series of workouts aimed at toning the whole body through exercises that use the weights combined with free body exercises that stimulate the cardiovascular system.

Within the workouts, there will be sessions dedicated to chest exercises where, however, we will not only focus on this area, but we will also work on the other muscles such as the antagonist and postural muscles.

So if you are looking for a training program to increase strength on the chest and chest, such as exercises with boldenone undecylenate in usa and heavy loads, you are not in the right place.

Complete Total Body workout + chest and arm toning session

There are complete workouts where it does not limit us to stress the muscles of the upper part such as arms, chest, and shoulders but also the abdomen, cardiovascular resistance, and lower part.

The total body workouts with the help of small equipment like small weights are useful intoning in a limited way arms and leg muscles in the workout as you will see shortly.

If associated with a toning session on the ground with exercises aimed at training the abdominal muscle, the chest area, and the arms, we obtain a total bodywork that allows us to train the whole body in a complete and stimulating way.

In total body + chest, triceps and cardio workouts there will be not only exercises with the help of weight but also blocks of dynamic exercises such as jumping jack, moving plank and lunges useful to streamline the upper and lower parts, increase the general calorie expenditure and maximize results in terms of slimming and general toning.

Static standing exercises such as standing triceps with weights, lateral raises with weights and trunk rotation with weights and biceps with weights will allow you to tone the arms and shoulders area.

During the arm work session, you will find dynamic sessions to increase cardio activity to increase general physical effort and therefore also muscular effort.

During sessions with a weight of 2-4 kg, it is recommended to perform slow and controlled movements, therefore zero clicks and frantic movements do not serve to increase tonicity but on the contrary, they risk frustrating the effectiveness of the weight training session.

Here is an example of total body training with targeted sessions for the upper part + cardio

LINK: Workout Slim and Toned Arms At Home With Cardio and Peretti

Chest workout with pushups

In this workout, we focus on targeted exercises for the arms, shoulders, and variations of the plank and push up exercise, useful for strengthening the muscles of the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and strengthening core stability.

The  bending and plank position exercises that will be performed in this chest and arm workout will be essentially 5:


In this advanced-level training the complexity of muscle work through exercises useful to stimulate the whole body, allows you to have a small phase of recovery of the muscles of the arms so as not to stress the body and get well until the end of the workout.

The last part of the training is dedicated to free body toning where exercises for the chest and arms have also been included to increase the stress and stimulation of the upper part.

Here is an example of chest toning workout and firming of arms and shoulders:

LINK: Complete Workout For Toned and Slender Arms! Exercises With Peretti

Advanced level training for arms and upper part

The third workout we see is recommended for those who have been training for some time and who have good preparation, there will be demanding sessions with combined and resistance exercises.

The central training session, after a first part dedicated to warming up, will consist of 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds of active recovery called the HIT 30:30 session where the main objective is to be able to have a good intensity from start to finish HIIT blocks without ever stopping.

The list of  HIIT 30:30 and 40:20  exercises in this workout will be combined movements such as:

  • fast side skip + side jump
  • squat + lunge
  • slow-moving squats + jump
  • plank knee-elbow + push up

The exercises will be performed for 30-40 seconds in which you must always pay close attention to the technique of performing the movements in order to obtain an excellent result.

In the second part of the workout instead, we focus on targeted toning exercises of the upper part such as the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and chest.

In the last part the work changes, we move on the ground and focus on abdominal toning with 6 minutes of abdominal exercises.