Woman Who Lost 42kgs Shares The 5 Secrets To Her Success

If you’ve already tried and failed to keep a New Year’s resolution this year, chances are you might be feeling down in the dumps. But according to one woman – who lost a staggering 42kgs naturally – there’s no need to beat yourself up just yet.

Aussie woman Katie Purtle, 26, says weightloss resolutions are ‘BS’ and simply a ‘grand, glorified, long-term dream’ that many seem to set. She believes they are almost certainly doomed to fail.

‘Statistics say 80 per cent of New Years Resolutions fail by February, and this is not at all surprising,’ she says.

And one of the main reasons is because the resolutions made are unspecific.

‘Lose weight… By when? How much? Is it realistic? Eat less calories… How many less? Do I even know how many calories I am currently eating?’ Katie asks.

‘Pay off debt… By when? What is my plan to do so? Move more… How much more? In what capacity? 

‘See the issue? These grand ideas don’t allow you to create action items and are super unspecific.’

Katie also says that 1 January is a ‘terrible’ day to begin.

‘The concept of choosing one single day to make a major life change just isn’t rational,’ she explains.

‘That, combined with the fact that you expect yourself to just entirely change as soon as the date rolls over to the 1st January is only setting yourself up for failure. As such, the vast majority of New Years Resolutions go unfinished.’

Katie says that doesn’t mean she wants to pour cold water on your resolutions.

‘I love goals! I thrive on goals!’ she says.

‘What I am here to do, is to encourage you to rewire your thinking so that this year, you can create a resolution; a firm decision to lose weight, but do so with intent.’

Here Katie shares her top five tips to following through with New Year weight-loss resolutions.

1. Be more specific

Make a plan. An overarching goal of losing weight is fantastic, however you need to ensure that there are actionable steps in order to follow through with your resolution.

Do you have an eating plan or training plan to follow? Do you know how many days a week you are going to commit to exercise?

Do you have a weight loss goal? What are you going to do when you’re struggling? Set a plan on how you’re going to achieve your plan and create action steps.

2. Work out what’s been holding you back.

How long have you had the objective of losing weight? Maybe most of 2017?

Maybe the last 2 years, maybe the last 5.

Why haven’t you been able to commit to the process long term? Have you been jumping between diets? Have you been self-sabotaging?

Have you been so overwhelmed and confused with all of the things you could commit to that you’ve struggled to stick to one thing? Have you felt like you’re not worthy of change?

Taking responsibility for your actions is one thing. But working out what the root cause of what’s holding you back is another thing. Sit down with a journal and get real with yourself.

3. Focus on changing one thing at a time

Don’t have the ‘all-or-nothing’ mentality, as you are setting yourself up for failure.

What can you set that you can realistically stick to?

Perhaps it’s beginning to log your food. Maybe it’s as simple as eating three servings of vegetables.

Maybe it’s to complete three walks per week. Whatever it is, JUST.CHANGE.ONE.THING.

4. Share your goal

Whether you start a weight loss Instagram, tell your family and friends or your partner, whatever it is, put it out into the universe.

Statistics say that if you write down your goal and share it with others, you’re 60 per cent more likely to commit to it.


5. Ask for help

Hire a coach and be kept accountable. Having someone who can write you a plan, help you set goals, hold you accountable, support you, guide you, and motivate you when you’re struggling most is 100 per cent the best way to move forward.

The number one reason people fail with their weight loss goals is not having someone there to hold them accountable and support them when life gets in the way, or the going gets tough.

As such, the start of the year is a perfect time to commit to your goals.

In saying that though, as above, don’t just expect to change all at once. Take it one day at a time, start small, implement things slowly, and be realistic about setting your resolutions.

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