Victoria Beckham feels put to shame after seeing David’s incredible efforts with daughter Harper

Victoria Beckham is a doting mum to her four children and works hard to ensure that she is always there for them during the week, despite her busy work schedule. But on Monday morning, the former Spice Girl was left feeling defeated by husband David Beckham's incredible parenting efforts with daughter Harper. Victoria shared a photo on Instagram Stories of a personalised snack that the former footballer had made his only daughter, which consisted of an apple cut out into the letter H and number seven – Harper's middle name. The rest of the heart was shaped into a love heart. Alongside the photo, the fashion designer wrote: "When daddy does Harper's school snack it puts mummy to shame!"

Victoria Beckham joked that David's snack efforts for Harper had put her to shame

Of course, Victoria is just as much of a lovely parent to her children as David is. The celebrity couple are incredibly close to all their children and want to make sure that they grow up with the same family values that they had during their own upbringings. Victoria recently opened up about the lessons she teaches her children during an interview with Glamour. She also revealed that in particular, she is telling Harper just how important it is to be kind to others, having experienced bullying as a child. She said: "The fact I can talk to Harper about that [her bullying experience] and how girls should be kind to girls.. really I use my own experiences and share that."

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Victoria and David with their four children

David and Victoria also want to make sure that their children are kept grounded, despite their parents' global fame and their privileged lifestyle. Speaking to the Telegraph about his family life, David said: "We have always led by example, in terms of the way we treat our children, with the way we look after our children, the way we love our children. But we are very strict parents. We want to bring them up as closely as possible to how we were brought up because you have to give them manners, you have to give them boundaries and our children definitely have that."

The retired footballer continued: "Their upbringing is a lot different to my upbringing so I think there is always a kind of fear factor, I mean the first day you have kids, you constantly worry. It's the most wonderful thing in the world but you are bringing children into a world where you really have to protect them. They are very privileged and they have a lovely life, and I want to protect that and to protect them from anything that goes on outside the family."

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