This Diet Will Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease By Almost 50 Percent

Wanna know the secret to living longer? Check what you’re chowing down.  

According to a recent study, a predominantly plant-based diet can help to reduce the risk of heart failure. 

A team of scientists from Icahn School of Medicine in New York analysed the link between eating habits and overall health in more than 15,000 people over the age of 45.

They found that people who had previously been diagnosed with heart disease or heart failure were 42 percent less likely to develop the condition if they adopted a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle in comparison to people who consumed meat and processed food on the reg.

“Eating a diet mostly of dark green leafy plants, fruits, beans, whole grains and fish while limiting processed meats, saturated fats, trans fats, refined carbohydrates and foods high in added sugars is a heart-healthy lifestyle and may specifically help prevent heart failure if you don’t already have it,” lead researcher Dr Kyla Lara explained in a statement.

Processed foods are often high in sodium, which Lara claimed has been “shown to increase risk for high blood pressure and heart failure.”

Not ready to cut out meat cold turkey? Experts say even reducing your intake just a few days a week can make a big diff.

Your heart (and the cows) will thank you for it.

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