These Italian Canned Tomatoes Are Giada De Laurentiis' 'Favorite for Sauces' & They're Under $8

Sure, skill can really help you when it comes to crafting delicious meals from scratch. But using the best ingredients you can find is only going to make your finished product taste that much better. And when it comes to tomato sauces for pasta dishes, chicken parmesan, and other Italian tomato-based dishes, Giada De Laurentiis has picked a favorite, and of course, you can grab her go-to canned tomatoes on Giadzy.

The Cobari Pomodorini Whole Tomatoes from I Sapori Di Corbara are the ultimate sauce tomatoes, according to De Laurentiis. The description for the tomatoes reads, “Giada’s favorite for sauces, these whole, unpeeled cherry tomatoes from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius are packed in their own juice for the most sweet-tart tomato flavor.”

These whole pomodorini, which translates to “tiny tomatoes,” are bite-sized cherry tomatoes grown near the Amalfi Coast and are even more prized than San Marzano tomatoes, which are a favorite among many Italian chefs. They’re sweet, tart, and pack a pure tomato taste that will take your sauces from good to incredible.

A can of Corbara Pomodorini tomatoes is priced a bit higher than the tomatoes you find at your local grocery stores, but the flavor is absolutely worth it. “They are the ultimate embodiment of the Italian philosophy of cooking: selecting only the best-quality ingredients—no matter how humble—and preparing them simply,” the description reads.

“With just these tomatoes, a packet of good pasta, and some olive oil and parmigiana, you can have a dinner party-worthy dinner ready at a moment’s notice,” it continues.

Is your mouth watering yet? Pick up a can of I Sapori Di Corbara Pomodorini tomatoes so you can begin to take your sauces to the next (most delicious) level. You may never go back to store-bought canned tomatoes again.

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