HelloFresh's Family-Approved Recipes Will Make Getting Home-Cooked Meals on the Table a Total Breeze

Now that the holidays are firmly in the rearview mirror, parents might be feeling a little uninspired in the kitchen. It can be so tiring to figure out what to whip up for your spouse and children — especially if your children can be a little picky. If you’re looking for a little variety and want to bring joy back into dinnertime without having to put in a ton of extra effort, HelloFresh can be the perfect solution.

This meal kit delivery service allows you to pick a specific amount of recipes a week, ranging from two to six. HelloFresh offers so many different recipes to pick from, including Veggie, Meat & Veggies, Family Friendly, Fit & Wholesome, Quick & Easy, and Pescetarian options. That way, you don’t have to spend time parsing through dozens of recipes. You can also choose whether you’re serving two or four people.

These recipes will save you so much time, because they’re shipped right to your door each week. You’ll get the exact amount of ingredients you need — no more, no less, so you won’t have to brainstorm about how to use those extra veggies before they go bad in your fridge.

And if you don’t have much cooking experience, don’t fret. I, someone who rarely cooks, tested three meals for you. I am perhaps the perfect test case because I panic in the kitchen. But with HelloFresh, trying new recipes and techniques was not difficult (in fact, it was fun!) and did not add any additional stress to my life. I’m here to prove that you don’t have to be Ina Garten to feel like a pro chef when whipping these up for your family during the week.

Below, I reviewed each of the three recipes I tried from HelloFresh that are kid- and parent-approved. For a limited time, HelloFresh is discounting their meals in honor of the new year. Meals start at just $7.99 per serving, and you can save even more with their exclusive deal going on right now. That’s a deal worth taking advantage of — think about how much two restaurant meals usually cost!

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Gouda Beef Burgers

I usually go out to a restaurant if I want a burger, so the prospect of making one at home excited me. And HelloFresh’s Gouda Beef Burger isn’t just any burger — it’s elevated, like a burger you’d order at an upscale restaurant, and so flavorful. You wouldn’t normally think to just whip up some gouda burgers on the grill.

With this recipe, I made both the Gouda Beef Burgers and potato wedges. For reference, I am an amateur chef at best. I don’t cook much at all. I heat up premade meals and have two meals I can make very well — that’s the extent of my cooking skills. This recipe wasn’t stressful to make, took the allotted 30 minutes and was definitely a crowd-pleaser.

The recipe called for me to mix onion, garlic and paprika into the beef before cooking, ensuring the burger was flavorful before it hit the pan. A mayonnaise, sour cream and lime juice sauce topped the burger and served as a potato wedge dipping sauce. It was so tasty that it might become my go-to special sauce for the foreseeable future.

Cavatappi Milano

Getting sick of mac ‘n cheese? Introduce your kids to this one-pan pasta. The Cavatappi Milano is savory, a little spicy but also cheesy. It ticks all of the boxes for me. It’s full of amazing textures — thanks to the panko breadcrumbs, which will perhaps inspire your kiddos to try something new.

After I cooked the pasta and the sauce on the stove, I combined it in an oven-safe pan and topped with ripped mozzarella, the breadcrumbs and extra chili flakes and broiled it for several minutes. It took me about half an hour, and I made it by myself. The steps weren’t overwhelming, and this stepped-up pasta was truly delicious.

Apricot, Almond & Chickpea Tagine

When I stumbled upon this recipe on HelloFresh’s website, I knew that I had to try it. I would never have attempted this Apricot, Almond & Chickpea Tagine dinner on my own. The amount of ingredients in this recipe intimidated me, but once I got into it, it was relatively easy to whip up this chef-worthy dish.

Sometimes vegetarian dishes can be a little too light, but this tagine was hearty, thanks to the rice, zucchini and chickpeas. I had never made anything like this before, and it inspired me to leave my cooking comfort zone in the future. The mix of apricot with the lemon and chermoula sauce was heavenly — and exactly what I needed on a cold winter’s night.

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