Costco's Newest Popping Boba Drinks Are the Ultimate Summer Refresher

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When the summer heat is beating down on you and you’ve already had enough iced coffee in one day to kill a small elephant, it’s time to start looking for other ways to cool down. And these days, more often than not, we look for fruity boba tea when we need a refreshing drink that’s lower in caffeine but still big on flavor. But what if there’s no boba shop near you (or if it’s just literally too hot out to make a boba run)? We like to keep instant boba on hand, and Costco’s newest jelly popping boba cups are perfect for summer.

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Costco members can find the O’s Bubble Jelly Popping Boba in an 8-count, shelf-stable pack. They’re made with green tea and real fruit juice, are vegan, and come with strawberry peach green tea, and lychee mango green tea. The cups are ready to go — just pop in a straw and get ready to sip.

These instant boba cups are shelf-stable, but you can place them in the fridge as needed so they can chill before you drink. Alternatively, you can just pour out the cup into a glass of ice and enjoy that way.

What if you’re not a Costco member (sign up here), or if there’s no Costco near you?

We found some great options online that will help you make boba at home all summer long. First up are these Popping Boba Pearls from Mayde, which come in strawberry, mango, and passionfruit flavors. Add them to your favorite iced tea, lemonade, and fruit drinks to turn them into popping boba refreshers.

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We also found classic brown sugar boba pearls that you can add to creamy iced tea and coffee drinks, for those days when you do want a little caffiene. The boba packets just get microwaved for 20 seconds, then can be added to the drink of your choice.

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Courtesy of J Way Boba Now.

Thanks to these options, it’s never been easier to make this the summer of boba.

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