Costco Just Brought a Frosty, Fruity Drink to the Food Court but Fans Are Split

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We always get excited when we hear about a new Costco food item that’s getting lots of buzz online. Hello, lemon meringue cheesecake! Costco fans are usually generous with their praise, but there are some items that fail to hit the mark, and more confusingly, those that some people seem to love, but others loathe. It looks like that might be the case for Costco’s new mango smoothie. Taking the place of the berry smoothie on Costco food court menus across the country, this no-sugar added mango smoothie sounds like it could be a hit. But does it live up to the hype? Yes! But also, no!

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Costco has been selling a mango smoothie at its stores in Hawaii and Mexico for awhile now, but this is the first time it’s hit food courts on the mainland U.S. And while our go-to-gal for all things Costco-related, CostcoHotFinds, said that “It is huge AND delicious,” and called it a “perfect summer treat,” fans in the comments weren’t so sure. In fact, so many people commented that the original poster wondered, “Am I the only one who thinks it’s good?!”

What is it that so many people find objectionable about Costco’s new mango smoothie? Some seem to find the color unappetizing, but mostly, complaints were about the flavor. Several people said that the smoothie was sour, while others said it “tastes like baby food, texture is like baby food.” The smoothie is made with no additional sugar, which makes us wonder if the flavors might vary pretty widely depending on how good the mangoes in each batch are.

Frozen mango can be a little lackluster, but even if you’ve bought fresh mangoes from the store, you might have noticed that some are juicy, sweet, and slightly tangy, while others are watery, sour, or firm. In many recipes, sugar is used to even out the quality of the fruit (like when making fruit pies), but without added sugar, the smoothies might end up being made with batches of mango purée that aren’t as sweet as one might expect for a treat made with what we think of as such a candy-like fruit.

But the new mango smoothie does have its fans. One commenter said, “we love it! It’s super clean ingredients (mango purée and a binder and water I think!) so this allergen mama is happy!” Another said, “I love it too! Now if they would just bring back the combo pizza…”

The good news is that even if you’re a skeptic, the smoothie is just $2.99. For that price, us Costco members (sign up for a membership here) will try just about anything, but especially a Costco food court item!

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