Adele loses 45 pounds – the secret is in Sirtfood diet

The British singer Adele is said to have lost 45 pounds. Her secret: The so-called Sirtfood diet. This certain foods, the metabolism is boosted by eating, which in turn speeds up the weight loss. We explain to you how the weight-loss method works.

The Sirtfood diet focus on plant foods. The substances contained in it to activate certain enzymes in the body, called sirtuins, which stimulate the metabolism. It is according to food to be consumed, which contain this and in fat-burning and muscle-building help.

To cabbage, soy beans, chilies, walnuts, Green tea, strawberries as well as red wine and delicate include, among other things, green bitter chocolate with a high cocoa content (detailed list at end of article).

Sirtfood exerts its effect on secondary plant substances, which practically form the immune system of the Plant. In the human body, the Antibodies are optimized metabolism, improved immune system, cancer protection and a life-extension effect.

Sirtfood diet for sustainable weight loss

The Sirt-diet should result in slow but sustainable weight loss. The reason for this is The breakdown of fat to be get muscles – the tissue with the highest energy consumption. Sirtuins muscle stem cells activate. This prevents yo-yo effect, since more muscles mean more energy consumption.

Another advantage is that The white fat is melting, but the build-up of brown fat is stimulated, white brown converted. Brown fat is not a storage fat, but is an energy guzzler and contributes to the Slimming.

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